The talent behind the art, John has range like you've never seen. Art is his second love (his wife, Molly, is of course his first). For years John lived abroad – working tirelessly to help the world become a better place. Feeding the hungry, providing medical attention, warm clothes, and an inspirational message to children in over 35 nations. His past and present catalyze on canvas to create something much more than an image hanging on a wall.

What else does he do when there isn't a canvas in front of him? You can find him in the garage building a vintage race car or hanging out with his four (adorable) dogs. Also, catch him on the racquetball court - he can show you a thing or two there!

the story

Working together wasn't a choice, it was an organic result of our union.

MB: I have gained soo much insight to John's soul by being able to work with him every day and watch his creative process unfold. Seeing him in his element and being able to be together building a life is most rewarding. His work life is intriguing and only adds to the bond we share personally.

JB: I respect Molly very much for her talents and the way she handles herself in professional mode. I smile often, watching her work knowing she is my person and her drive equals mine and that our goal is the same. Molly was a missing piece to my puzzle, I've waited a long time to find her.

the process

From the first time John stands in front of a canvas to the moment your art is placed on the delivery truck - our JBC is there.

We take pride in our "small but mighty" business and take the time and care to ensure quality art.

Our team prints the reproductions, builds the wood framework, stretches the canvas, enhances the piece, packages and loads the art onto the delivery truck! We even build the box it is shipped in.

meet our team

we're pretty cool.
founder & artist
    founder & designer
      operations director
        business growth director
          marketing director
            business growth manager
              creative director
                production technician
                  it technician
                    head of security
                      boss dog
                        warehouse morale leader