john beard

since 1999

New Work: "Eclipse I" by John Beard

Yes, we are busy painting, creating, dreaming.

The Collection


Sometimes you just have to get lost…in paint. Instinctive & spontaneous, kinda like finger paint, literally. But usually brushes are involved. The finished work is more than an unpredictable image, but rather a voice. True artists live to paint; closely followed by paint to live. Check out our work so we can buy groceries!


Next best thing…an enhanced giclee print! We like to offer art at whatever your pocket money allows. You pick the image, the size & we will push the print button. Hey, we can even send it to you rolled up to save on shipping costs…aren’t we clever! Check out our haul & click on “I want it.” It will make us smile.


Molly’s house (& John’s) looks like a science museum…which she’s totally ok with & well, John too. Bird’s nest, hornet nests, animal skulls & horns, feather & horse hair…we’ve got the right stuff to quench any of your curiosities. Ready to explore? Choose something really awesome & we will send it to you…from our home to yours (we need the space!)

Anchor Jeans

We haven’t just created an apparel line, we’ve created wearable art. Each pair of jeans is hand painted by the awesomely talented Johnny Beard…who by the way, can throw a football over a mountain (he’s been saying this since high school). John gets messy working & Molly wanted to match…then everywhere we go, people want a pair. Now you can have one too!

People talk about us

“Working with John Beard on a commissioned piece was a pleasure for us. He is a talent who understands the art of painting, which in today’s world is almost a lost art in and of itself.”

Stan Topol

Creativity at work

Latest Design Trends

I believe black goes with brown.

I believe a dead tree is art.

I believe your home should be a sanctuary.

I believe in rustic modernism.

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My Inspiration

My inspiration comes as I begin to paint. Each painting takes on a life of it’s own. A blank canvas presents limitless possibilities.  Painting breathes life into the constant shapes, colors and ideas flowing through my mind; expressing something words cannot.

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