Theres a rule in interior design that says every room can use a touch of black. But why? Lemme tell ya. 

While initially, black may seem too dark or gloomy to pull into a room, it actual has a lot of value in design. Using black can ground a space and create a focal point. Being a strong color gives the opportunity to draw attention to itself. 

We need shake off these preconceived notions about the color black. It does not need to be a sad color. Black is…

  • bold
  • sophisticated
  • strong
  • dramatic 
  • elegant
  • crisp
  • striking
  • moody
  • calming
…need I go on?

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Psychology of Black

Colors evoke feelings so it is important to consider the psychology of the colors you choose for your space. Black is symbolic of elegance, sophistication, power, calm, and elegance. While these are all positive psychological effects, you have to be careful in your use of black as it can lead to other negative feelings such as sadness and anger! Use black in doses and make sure to balance the use of black with either warm colors or vibrant colors.


Tips for incorporating black into a space

  1. Use black accents in stark contrast with other elements in the room. For example, using black framing against white whiles or a black accent wall in an otherwise bright room. 
  2. Use black accessories that can be tried in different locations throughout the space until you find a spot that makes the room feel complete and, well, good. 
  3. Black fabrics allow this bold color to be used in a space, but creates a balance between strong and soft.
  4. Black can spark creativity, so go on, use it in a children’s space!
  5. Naturally we recommend the use of art. As the black will create a focal point, what better way to incorporate the dramatic color than in art!?

Want to achieve feng shui? Try these tips:

  1. Use black accessories around your home
  2. Paint doors that face north, east or southeast black
  3. Use black in the laundry room and/or kitchen
  4. Paint a wall black in a room located in the northern part of your home


Remember, color trends are constantly changing, but black will always remain timeless. 

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