*Ahem* (taps mic), is this thing on? We’d like to take a second to introduce ourselves. We are creatives, art enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and possibly most important, dog lovers. We are…drum roll please…Molly and Morghan!



First, lets have Molly take the stage. A self-proclaimed poet, writer and lecturer, Molly first emerged into the professional creative world as an interior designer. She then went on to co-found art company, John Beard Collection with artist husband and partner-in-crime (for real, these two are always up to some shenanigans), John Beard.

Dubbed to live loud and walk to the beat of her own drum, Molly has created a life brand of her own. She lives in leather boots and collects vintage fashion…seriously though, her closet would make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy. Despite typically being dressed in black and painting with white, Molly’s life is far from “black and white.” Her life is a beautiful kind of crazy, filled with creativity, her 2-legged angel girl and four 4-legged canine babies (yes, we said FOUR).




Enter stage right, Morghan (hi, this is me)! Self-made and self-taught, I dabble in many things and quickly develop passion for all of it. Though I am a minimalist designer at heart, my heart still skips a beat at the occasional burst of pattern and color. I pride myself on the ability to find beauty in both the extravagant and the mundane. Living in Europe with my Tinder-match-turned-husband, Martin, I do my best to take the time to emerge myself into multicultural creative experiences. My ideal situation? Sun on my skin, paintbrush in my hand and surrounded by dogs…lots and lots of dogs.



This dynamic duo first met in October 2018 at High Point Market and bonded over art and surprise, Molly’s puppy Nash. We are excited to start this new blogging adventure- covering everything from design advice, to psychology, to worldwide museum reviews! Based in Florida, USA and Norway, Molly and I are joining forces to gift the world with Art Intellect.


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