Art by the artist



JOHNThe talent behind the art, John has range like you've never seen. Art is his second love (Molly is his first, of course). What else does he do when there isn't a canvas in front of him? Catch him on the racquetball court, he can show you a thing or two there.

MOLLYAn artist herself, Molly is a genius in the field of interior design. With years of experience as a creative, Molly adds a whole new dimension to John Beard Collection. This fearless woman once rode a rollercoaster SEVENTEEN TIMES IN A ROW. 

MORGHANCreative Director, Morghan handles all things digital. Maintaining our website, social and email channels, she is our jack of all trades! Fun fact - she lives in Norway! She has a pet reindeer and has personally met Queen Elsa. (Just kidding! But she really does live in Norway!)

EASTONCreative Director, Easton came to us as a SCAD graduate. In addition to his own artistic talents, he leads our team with the manufacturing of our artwork and puts heart and patience into every step. Oh, and this photo? IT IS A SELF PORTRAIT. So much talent!